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If your third molar is not causing pain, then most likely it doesn’t need removal.

But still evaluation is necessary because

  • It could be impacting adjacent teeth
  • Could Be Stuck inside bone below gums

Such a case could result in –

  • Damage to Adjacent Teeth: when wisdom tooth is angulated in such a way that it hits adjacent teeth it might cause damage to that tooth. In such situation third molar has to be removed
  • Jaw Damage
  • Sinus Problems such as Pain, Pressure and Congestion

Other reasons for removal of wisdom tooth can be –

  • Inflamed Gums: Tissue Around third molar area Can Swell leading to pain. This condition is called pericoronitis
  • Cavities

Such evaluation can be done by a dentist by taking your x-ray and evaluating it.

Wisdom tooth does not require extraction:

  • Healthy
  • Grown In Completely (Fully Erupted)
  • Positioned Correctly And Biting Properly With Their Opposing Teeth
  • Able To Be Cleaned As Part Of Daily Hygiene Practices

Always visit your dentist for a regular dental check up  and Talk To Your Dentist Or An Oral Surgeon About The Position And Health Of Your Wisdom Teeth And What’s Best For Your Situation.