Quality Faster Treatment By Our Gold Medalist Orthodontist

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Quality Faster Treatment By Our Gold Medalist Orthodontist

  1. Get best treatment and consultation by our gold medalist orthodontist.
  2. Faster Treatment – With the use of our advanced orthodontic techniques and our expertise, the time for the treatment reduce by more than 25%.
  3. Brilliant Aesthetics – We provide ceramic and invisible braces to your smile which have an advantage over unesthetic metal braces to make you look smarter.

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Team of 14 Specialists

We do not believe in giving you lesser than the best. Most of our doctors hold at least, an MDS.

Cost of Braces and Aligners in Gurgaon

The braces or aligners that need to be put are decided on the basis of clinical analysis and patient’s choice. Braces can cost from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 and aligners cost starts from Rs. 80000 and goes upto Rs. 2,50,000


22,900 ₹ 18,320(20% Off) Onwards


50,000 ₹ 40,000(20% Off) Onwards


Toothsi Aligners ₹ 50,000 ₹ 40,000(20% Off) Onwards

Clear Correct Aligners 110,000 ₹ 90,000(20% Off) Onwards

Note: Prices are indicative and can vary on clinical diagnosis


I had spacing in my front teeth so I lost my confidence while smiling and speaking. But after treatment it was all well. The spacing is closed, I smile normally now .Thanks to the doctor for giving me a wonderful smile.

Aashish, DLF Phase 4

My daughter had irregular teeth. I went to the dental home for treatment. We started seeing improvement just within 15 days and her facial profile has improved so much. Very happy with treatment.

Naveen, Sushant Lok 1

My son has very low confidence was very conscious due to forwardly placed upper teeth. By God grace we got his treatment done at the dental home and now there is so much improvement in his looks and my son has gain his lost confidence.

Suraj Kumar, Sector 43

Common Orthodontics Problems

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Teeth Spacing is a dental anomaly in which the anterior (front) teeth are separated by large gaps. It occurs mostly in children due to thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.

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Crowding is a dental condition where teeth struggle to fit within the jaws due to lack of space, smaller jaw size in relation to teeth. The teeth may get twisted or displaced.

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Crossbite (Front Teeth)

Crossbite is a form of malocclusion, where teeth from the front rows are not aligned properly to form a correct relation between the upper and lower dental arch.

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Crossbite (Back Teeth)

Crossbite It is another form of malocclusion, where teeth from the back rows are misaligned resulting in not giving a correct lower dental arch.

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An overjet is a dental condition for protruding upper teeth making then unable to contact with the teeth of the lower jaw disturbing the alignment of the dental arch. This causes social embarrassment to people and they tend to avoid a smile in public.

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Abnormal Eruption

Abnormal Eruption is a dental condition when teeth erupt at an abnormal place, disturbing the alignment of the dental arch in the mouth.

Types of Braces


Metal braces are traditional braces made up of stainless steel and are visible. These are worn by the people seeking orthodontic treatment. However modern braces are sleeker and smaller. They are commonly used and are generally faster and less expensive than other treatment options.


Ceramic braces work same as traditional braces but are made up of clear transparent material which makes them less noticeable. They are comfortable to wear and avoid a stain on the teeth.


Lingual braces are one of the invisible treatment options available today. They look like traditional braces but they are placed on the backside of the teeth. Due to the reverse positioning, they are termed as Lingual.


Clear aligners are alternatives to traditional braces and designed to align the teeth properly. They are a series of 18 to 30 custom made, mouth guard like a clear plastic aligner to ensure proper positioning of the teeth. They are removable and are changed in every two weeks.


Braces help in aligning and straightening of teeth and their position and the motive behind the use of dental braces is to get an unmatchable aesthetics and also improve dental health. Any kind of gaps, crossbites, and overcrowding can be treated in an efficient way by the use of dental braces.  

Why Choose Dental Home for Braces

We at Dental Home believe in perfection in our work. We value you and your oral health.  Our team of Doctors who specialize in various fields related to Oral Health is hell-bent towards the betterment of your oral health and above all, they are constantly driven towards perfection so that you can have that perfect smile on your face. If you are planning to get yourself braces then at Dental Home you’ll be happy because:

  1. Quicker Proceedings: The time taken at Dental Home is going to be at least 25 % less than what it usually takes to get braces without compromising with the quality. We at Dental Home use the best of advanced technologies and orthodontic techniques to serve you.
  2. Unmatchable Aesthetics – At Dental Home you can get various kinds of braces as per your requirements to attain an unmatchable aesthetic appearance. We have ceramic braces and also the invisible ones which clearly are better in terms of aesthetics from the metallic ones. We provide ceramic and invisible braces to your smile which have an advantage over unesthetic metal braces to make you look smarter.

About the Doctors

Dental Home is a home to the best of Orthodontists from India. We at Dental Home have a team of 14 experts who deal in all kinds of oral and dental problems with ease, expertise, and experience. The kind of efficiency that our doctors try to attain is just beyond perfection. We have the best orthodontist who is not only an experienced professional but a gold medalist. The accomplishment and reputation of our experts precede them. You can be in for a good consultation and planning if you wish to get yourself treated by our experts.

Cost of Braces

The cost of Braces depends upon a lot of actors like the kind of material that is used to makes them or the kind of aesthetics they would probably bring to your appearance. The expertise of the doctors and the reputation of the center can be some of the factors as well. At the Denta Home, you can get a straight discount of 20% which is an offer for a limited time and you can get the Metallic Braces in a range of INR 18,320 to INR 32,000 instead of the actual range of INR 22,900 to INR 40,000. The discounted cost of Ceramic braces comes out to be 40,000 and the Clear Aligners cost around 90,000.

Braces Procedure

After the consultation and the treatment plan is made, the procedure begins, the steps that the procedure involves are:

  • Insertion of a device to keep the tongue in place and also to keep the mouth dry for the procedure.
  • After the mouth and the teeth are dried up, an etchant is applied on the surface.
  • This step involved the placement of braces with the help of an adhesive specially used for this purpose.
  • The next step involves a curing light which strengthens the bond of adhesive.
  • An archwire is run through the braces and is made to be placed with ligature bands.

It is also advised to keep visiting the dentist in order to keep a regular check on all kind of dental problems even after getting done with the procedure. With a good smile comes the responsibility of maintaining that smile.

What precaution have to take while carrying braces

In case you have recently got braces then you need to make sure that you follow the precautions and take good care of your oral health. Keep the following in your mind:

  • It is advised to not only brush regularly but also brush after each meal that you intake, it is because braces can trap food particles which may further lead to a lot of problems.
  • The best of soft and specially designed toothbrushes which are prescribed your orthodontist and possess round bristles should be used.
  • Any chewy or hard food item should be completely avoided.
  • 45 degrees is the angle at which your toothbrush should make a  connection with your teeth while brushing. The process should be carried out at a slow pace and in a gentle manner.

Duration of Braces Treatment

The length of the treatment may vary from case to case as per the severity of your malocclusion. It is recommended to wear the braces from 10 to 18 months mostly.

The treatment with Clear Aligners varies from 12 to 24 months depending on the severity and alignment problem. The treatment may require approximately 32 steps for moderate cases and 12 steps for minor cases.

The cost of your braces is determined by the type, duration or need of any restorative work before or after the treatment. Invisible braces cost a bit higher than the traditional orthodontic treatment.

Initial Placement of Braces

The First appointment of active treatment requires 1 to 2 hours for the appliance(s) setup or cleaning of the appliances(s). Initially, there is a slight discomfort or tightness at the end of the first treatment but gradually you will get adopted. Since more time is required in the first sitting so mostly the appointments are scheduled for the morning and early afternoon.

Active Treatment

This phase of treatment consists of monthly evaluation visits (for patients in Comprehensive Treatment) and appliance adjustments (for Phase I Treatment). One might require to visit every three to six weeks for a short session of about 30 minutes to ensure proper conditioning and check-up in place. The Patient’s Individual treatment plan will include periodic progress reports and records throughout to provide a high standard of quality and treatment.

After Treatment Precautions

  • Do Brush after all your meals to avoid trapping of food particles in the braces. Trapped Food particles may lead to bleeding or swollen or irritation in gums, bad breath, decay etc.
  • It is advisable to use a soft specially designed orthodontic toothbrush with round bristles or an electric toothbrush after the treatment.
  • Brush your teeth starting with your gum line by holding the brush at 45-degree angle both above and below the brackets.
  • Strictly Avoid hard foods such as nuts, ice, popcorn and meat which can loosen the brackets or break the wires of braces. Be cautious in eating certain kind of foods like raw apples, carrots as their hard texture may damage the wires. Prefer to eat crunch food in small bite-size pieces.

  • Rinse your mouth with saline water or mouthwash vigorously in case you are stuck without a toothbrush.
  • In case, braces or wires get injured or ulcerated at the inside of your lips or cheeks, one can place a special wax to avoid this situation.
  • Clean the upper brackets at a downward angle and lower brackets at an upward angle to ensure proper dental hygiene.
  • In addition to mouthwash, Flosser, Interdental brushes are other forms of dental cleaning aids which can also be used for mouth rinse.
  • Avoid Sticky and chewy foods such as dried fruits, caramel, corn on the cob and chewing gum which are difficult to remove from braces.

Removal of Appliance

The time frame to remove the orthodontic appliances takes about an hour under the supervision of the expert dental team. Retainers are placed after removing braces and further instructions for retention appliances are informed during this time of the visit.

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Retention Treatment

Get a proper check-up done at the clinic after a month of successful retention delivered. One must keep consulting every two to four months to ensure that the retainer has been in place or not. Sometimes retainer needs to examined, adjusted and corrected to ensure proper function.

Orthodontist Treatment- Braces & Aligners & Cost in Gurgaon