Get brilliant smile with our premium quality veeners in just one hour.

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Get a brilliant smile with our premium quality veneers in just one hour.

  • We provide high Quality and Super Comfortable Veneers.
  • We are highly efficient and effective in providing instant and immediate Veneers in an hour.
  • We are equipped with experts and specialized prosthodontist to offer the best suitable treatment.

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Cost of Veneers in Gurgaon

At The Dental Home, the cost of veneers vary from Rs. 3600 to Rs. 8800 per unit depending on the type of veneer chosen.

  • Direct composite veeners
Direct composite veeners

4500 ₹3600/unit (20% Off)

  • Indirect veeners
Indirect veeners

11000 ₹8800/unit (20% Off)

Note: Prices are indicative and can vary on clinical diagnosis


I was always conscious about my smile due to my irregular teeth size. I even avoided going to social gatherings due to same.Then I came across this clinic The Dental Home. I was Given veeners on my front upper teeth in one hour.I was extremely happy with the outcome and very much satisfied. I am highly Thankful to the doctors team over there.



Dental Veneers are custom made shells from tooth colored materials that enable the front covering of the tooth and act as dental laminates. They are made up of porcelain or composite resin that is tailor-made to fit over teeth and helps in providing natural, attractive look. This treatment is perfect to fix chipped, stained, misaligned, worn down or abnormally spaced teeth.

Dental Veneers are classified under cosmetic dentistry and an easy way to address a variety of aesthetic and physical problems. They are permanent as the dentist needs to change the structure of natural teeth to properly place them. Veneers are mostly stained free and create a pleasing smile. Dentists use veneers for an impressive number of cosmetic corrections starting from teeth whitening to orthodontic adjustments.

veneers cost in gurgaon

What Types of Problems Do Dental Veneers Fix?

Veneers are helpful in fixing when:

  • Teeth are severely discolored
  • Teeth are worn down
  • Teeth are chipped or broken
  • Teeth are misaligned, uneven or crowded, or irregularly shaped
  • Teeth with gaps in between
  • Teeth with inadequate enamel present


1. Porcelain Veneers (INDIRECT VEENERS)

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of medical grade ceramic attached to the front side of the teeth for a smile transformation. The dentist takes an impression of your teeth to make Veneers perfectly fit into the current structure. These cosmetic enhancements give a natural appearance to the dental enamel. They are the most reliable and popular procedures in the cosmetic dentistry. They are the strongest Veneers but more difficult to repair if somehow chips.

Placement of Porcelain Veneers :

The dentist removes a small amount of enamel from the front and sides of the teeth to make room for Veneers to look natural. The dentist takes an impression or makes a mold of the prepared teeth and choose the shade to match the color of your teeth. The impression goes to the dental laboratory for the final custom made veneers to fit your tooth. Initially, dentist gives temporary veneers to wear in the meantime till the permanent veneers are made in the lab. Once final veneers are made, checked against perfect fit and shape of the teeth, they are bonded with few adjustments.

2. Composite Veneers (DIRECT VEENERS)

Composite Veneers are made up of tooth colored composite and are the more conservative way to improve your smile. They are also known as bonded veneers. They are cheap and are available by the dentist in a single appointment. These veneers are polished and smoothened to make your teeth look natural. They are prone to chipping and staining in comparison to porcelain veneers, but repairable at the same time.

Placement of Composite Veneers :

The dentist bonds and sculpts the composite material using a color which is the best shade for your teeth. The teeth are reshaped and a special light is used to harden the composite and bond it to the teeth.


Dental componeers are polymerized, prefabricated, enamel shaded composite laminates. They are similar to placing a false fingernail on your nails. The pre-shaped componeer veeners are available in different sizes and are easy to use for single tooth reconstruction mostly. They improve the final surface of the teeth while shortening the time required to place a direct composite resin veneer. They are resilient and absorbs stress from chewing and clenching. They can be easily repaired and they will not wear away tooth structures.

Placement of Componeer:

Contour guides are used to select a perfect componeer for your teeth. After careful grinding of the componeer, the dentist gives an exact fit according to the particular tooth. The bonding to a tooth is completed in single session only thus saving time.