Same Day International Standard Quality Implants With 3 Year Warranty

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Same Day International standard quality implants with warranty

  1. Same Day Implants – We expertise in providing same day implants, which is possible in 90% of cases. This treatment means that the patient can literally come to the clinic with a failed tooth and leave a short while later with a new implant tooth in place.
  2. 3 year warranty  We provide warranties of 3 years on our work as we are supremely confident of the expertise we deliver. Consult us to know the terms and conditions of our warranty.
  3. International Quality Implants – We only use those implant systems which meet the most stringent of international quality standards. Some of the brands that we use are adin, dentium, Nobel Biocare

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Team of 14 Specialists

We do not believe in giving you lesser than the best. Most of our doctors hold at least, an MDS.

Dental Implant Cost/Prices


 20,000 ₹ 16,000(20% Off)


33,000 ₹ 27,000(20% Off)


 45,000 ₹ 36,000(20% Off)


47,000 ₹ 38,000(20% Off)


55,000 ₹ 44,000(20% Off)

Note: Prices are indicative and can vary on clinical diagnosis


I went the dental home for implant consultation and by the end of the day i had one implant and one bridge!!!Both are excellent!!Recommended this dentistry to anyone.

Swati , DLF Phase 4

This was my first experience with the dental home for my implant prosedure. Doctors were reassuring and very profesional. Very satisfied.

Priyanka, Sushant Lok 1


Surgically placing titanium screw within the jaw as a replacement to a missing tooth is what is a dental implant. It helps in supporting the dental prosthesis and prevents any kind of dislocation of the teeth surrounding the missing tooth or even prevent the loosening of jawbones.

Why Choose Dental Home for Dental Implant

At the Dental Home, you’ll find the solution to all your dental problems. The center is equipped with the latest technological equipment and uses the latest techniques for the treatments. The doctors are experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge about the proceedings. Apart from that, you might be interested in getting

  • Same Day Treatment: When it comes to dental implants, you can get it done the same day you arrive for the appointment
  • Internation Quality Standard: Everything shall happen to keep the Internation Standard Quality in mind. Only quality brands like Adin, Dentium and Nobel Biocare are used at Dental Home
  • 3 Years Warranty: We believe in attaining perfection and our work is so perfect that we assure you with a warranty of 3 years.

About Doctors

With an efficient team of 14 doctors, Dental Home promises to give you the best experience and results. There is a team of 3 professional oral surgeons and implantologists who have expertise in Dental Implants and have treated various patients from all around the globe. An Implantologists is the right person who can help you figure out whether or not is a dental implant necessary for you. They can make a tailor-made arrangement to best suit your condition. For instance, in case you have a tooth missing then they can go for an implant with a crown. Or if three teeth are damaged then an implant can be supported by a bridge. The best part is that our dentists and doctors are knowledgeable and believe in perfection.

Types of Dental Implants

When it comes to the type of Dental Implants, they are broadly classified into two types:

Broadly, dental implants are classified into two types:

  • Endosteal

Endosteal type of Dental Implants are made out of titanium and this is the most commonly and extensively used type. They have a screw-like shape and are placed on the jawbone.

  • Subperiosteal

The Subperiosteal type of Dental Implants are not placed in the jawbone but their placement is somewhere under the gum and above the jawbone.

Cost of Dental Implants

When compared to different centers the price at the Dental Home is relatively much lower. The kind of Internation Quality Standard that we follow strictly at Dental Home, with similar facilities it costs around $5,000 to $30,000 abroad which is roughly around INR 35,000 to INR 2,10,000. But at Dental Home we offer dental implants starting at INR 20,000 to INR 45,000 which after the flat discount of 20% comes down to INR 16,000 to INR 36,000. The cost varies depending upon the brand of implant you choose.

joy the benefits of all the dental treatments at an affordable price and without any limitations.

Dental Implant Procedure

The following is the step by step procedure of Dental Implants

  • Removal of Damaged tooth
  • Preparing the jawbone for the surgical procedure
  • Placement of the dental implant

Who can get dental implants

Anyone with adequate bones in the jaws and who can go through the procedure and has no physical or mental conditions which can create complications is eligible to go for dental implants. If you have a missing tooth because of any given reason, it becomes important for you to go for an implant because it will help you support the other teeth in the surrounding also help the gums in not getting loose. Just one thing should be kept in mind and that is to get a consultation before making a decision. Because you are dealing with your life here.

Advantages of having dental implants

  • Aesthetic Look: They are designed perfectly to go with your teeth and enhance your appearance and smile. It would make anyone feel more confident about themselves.
  • Better Pronunciation: Now that the gap has been taken over the implant, you can gain back your pronunciation and speech and you won’t have to ever slur or mispronounce any word ever again.
  • Comfort Level: It certainly is going to help you lead your life comfortably and more conveniently.
  • No Dislocation: You don’t have to worry about any further dislocation of teeth nor the loosening of gums.
  • Durability: These can go on for years and you are getting a warranty of 3 years on the implants you get done from Dental Home.

What Precautions has to be taken after dental implants

  • It is advised to keep good oral hygiene
  • Eat well and have a balanced diet
  • Don’t use tobacco products and stop their consumption straightaway if you are habitual to them.


Dental Implants are also known as tooth implant or teeth implants and are substitute for natural tooth . It acts as a replacement for the root of a missing tooth. The dentists recommend implant for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to decay, gum disease or any kind of injury to tooth /jaw. The majority of dental implants are made up of titanium or titanium alloy as these substances easily integrates with the bone. It is a surgical fixture placed into the jawbone and fuses with the bone over a period of few months. Osseointegration is the name of process for the fusion between the dental implant and jawbone. A dental implant is a long-term solution to support bridge or crown or denture.

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Crown Over Dental Implants

A dental implant is a tooth-root replacement, to which an implant crown is attached. The crown is part which is visible inside the mouth. Implants are artificial and they behave a bit differently from natural teeth.

Screws are tools to facilitate the attachment of implant crowns to the dental implants. Dental implants are strategically placed to smoothen the connection between the gum tissues so that crowns can emerge in the right direction. Screw retained implants are easy to manage and are long lasting. Retention and Retrievability are the distinct characteristics of screw retained implants thus allowing easy removal, repair and replacement of implant crown components without damaging the restoration.

Stages & Steps

Implantologists is the right person to identify the need of Dental Implants. Depending on the patient’s condition and the type of implant required for correction, the implantologist creates a tailor-made treatment plan.
  • In case of missing a single tooth, one implant along with a crown can be used to replace it.
  • In case of missing several teeth, implant supported bridges are used to replace them.
  • In case, all the teeth are damaged, an implant supported full bridge or full dentures are used to replace them.
  • Sinus Augmentation and Ridge Modifications are techniques used in the process of dental implants. used to treat deformities in the upper and lower jaws.

Implant Overdentures

Implant Overdentures are treatment options for people who have one or multiple or all of their teeth missing. Such people have complete or partial dentures. Overdentures promotes better digestion, slow bone loss, retain facial features and are more comfortable. Overdentures help patients regain a good quality life especially to edentulous patients. There are three types of Overdentures:

  • Implant Retained, Gum Supported Overdentures
  • Fixed Implant Supported Overdentures
  • Bar-retained, Implant supported Overdentures

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Full Fixed Prosthesis

Full Fixed Prosthesis Dental Implants are mainly used for edentulous patients. Implants are done by using a fixed prosthesis made of fiber-reinforced composite material (FRC) with a minimum invasive surgery and ensures safe results with good aesthetics. FRC material is used to build the substructure of prosthetic framework to be supported by four implants. Full fixed prosthesis can be single crown, fixed bridge or full arch implant.

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