Patient Stories

A 30yrs old male patient visited us with complain of discoloured front .He was unhappy and had very low self confidence due to his smile. This pt.had history of trauma in childhood. We planned Root canal treatment for this tooth followed by Emax crown(metal free all ceramic crown). His treatment was completed in 7 days.

Patient was super happy with the treatment and regained his lost confidence back.

There are people who not smoke, no coffee, no tea nothing, but still their teeth are on the darker side. It feels a little awkward and sometimes conscious when you are on the front desk.

A pt. visited to us with the same problem . He was thorughly explained about the complete treatment modality including the pre and post bleaching treatment. It took 35mins to complete entire procedure p.

The results were commendable. His teeth shade becomes 5 shades lighter. He feel great and confident

This patient got his front tooth got chipped off due to falling. He was very conscious about it, straight away I came to visit us at the dental home.

We suggested him to get a composite build up done for that tooth.

Pt. was very satisfied with the treatment result .Follow up visits were done and he is completely fine , happy and super confident

A female pt. visited us because she was not happy with her smile. We evaluated her case ,she had palatally place upper lateral incisor and lower lateral incisor. We promised to give her a beautiful smile she wanted. But, real challenge was she was from UK and had to go back after 5 months.

So, we started her treatment at the earliest and visits were scheduled for her in every 15 days due to lack of time. Visible improvements started coming from 1st month itself and within 4.5months correction of teeth was done . Pt. was very happy and felt very thankful. Even we felt glad that we were able to give patient beautiful smile as promised that too within the promised time frame.