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Precautions after a Cosmetic Dental Procedure

  • Avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 30 minutes
  • Avoid taking hard food from that side for 24 hours
  • Take soft food like daal, rice or porridge etc
  • Follow the instructions given by the cosmetologist
  • If you feel any sensitivity in your teeth after few days after the procedure, you can ask your dentist for the anti-sensitivity toothpaste to decrease the sensitivity and how to use it

After Care

  • At-home oral care and regular dental visits
  • In order to keep your newly restored teeth clean and plaque-free, brushing, flossing and inter-dental brushes are must
  • Periodic follow-up visits to the cosmetologist for the restored teeth and gums


Steps of Cosmetic Procedure

  • A thorough intraoral checkup
  • Intraoral and extra oral photographs
  • Radiographs (X-rays)
  • Impressions of teeth and bite records
  • Mock up in wax
  • Mock up in mouth to show patient how it will look and shaping teeth accordingly
  • After confirming tooth color, shape, size, position fixing of laminates on shaped teeth, you told what is involved in Cosmetic Dental Procedure


When Is Dental Scaling Necessary?

Everyone experiences some form of plaque buildup. The saliva, bacteria, and proteins in your mouth form a thin layer that covers your teeth at almost all times. When you eat, tiny particles, acids, and sugars from the food stick to this film, creating a buildup on the teeth known as plaque. The bacteria that lives in this plaque can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings will help remove the plaque and prevent more serious problems.

If you have healthy gums, the tissue will fit tightly around the tooth and keep plaque out. However, if gum disease begins to form, this tissue will loosen. Healthy gums attach to the tooth just 1 to 3 millimeters below the gumline. With gum disease, you’ll begin to develop deeper pockets. These can fill with plaque, worsening your problems and causing symptoms like bad breath.