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Dental Implant is the best process for those who are having the missing tooth or have lost the tooth due to infection. An artificial tooth placement will be done in the mouth. To process this, the cylindrical or tapered screw made up of titanium (biofriendly) will be inserted to jawbone safely so that it would not get infected in future and would be able to tolerate the weight of the artificial tooth. The process is the safe and most ideal de to get the replaced teeth so that you could continue the normal dental activities.

The surgical process may need some time to heal since  the titanium post has been inserted into the jawbone and will be left to bond together with bone to make it more durable and strong . Temporary crown on implant can be given immediately followed by permanent crown placement after 3 months or the patient may need to wait for a week or month to get the perfect bond (osseointegration).One may also perform  routine chaos while attending the dental sittings. Once the implant is fixed firmly on the jawbone, a device called abutment or connector is fixed on the top of the implant. It will link the replacement tooth. Once the base is strengthened, individual tooth or the complete set of dentures will be set on the connector which will look like a natural dental system only. The whole process would be done under local anaesthesia and  it will surely give you a happy and healthier lifestyle. The success rate of the dental implant treatment is 95% approximately.

At The Dental Home we have experienced & Well qualified implantologist in Gurgaon offering the tooth fixing services through the dental implant. The procedure is done while fixing the titanium implant fixture in which crown can be placed on the same day. Single tooth replacement can be done in single sitting only. Dental Implants is performed for all the situation from single missing tooth to complete absence of teeth.

Various options like ALL ON 4 implants and ALL ON 6 implants are available to replace all missing teeth .

No need to bear the burden of missing tooths. Avail Dental Implants in Gurgaon at the most comparative cost.