Paediatrics Dentistry – Things to know

December 5, 2022 by The Dental Home

Paediatric dentistry focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting a child’s oral and dental health.

Most people believe dental operations are terrifying and painful procedures that they would rather avoid at all costs, particularly when they were youngsters. However, children need to have frequent inspections of their primary teeth by paediatric dentists to look for signs of caries and other forms of tooth decay.

Who are Paediatric dentists?

Paediatric dentistry is a subfield of general dentistry that deals specifically with children’s teeth and gums. It is necessary to have this subfield in order to take a child’s oral health seriously.

General dentists are qualified to treat children, but only those who have completed further postgraduate training in the field of paediatric dentistry, as well as had their expertise validated by a professional registration organisation, are eligible to do so.

Paediatric dentists receive specialised training that teaches them how to manage and treat children and adolescents who have additional needs, anxiety, or behavioural issues. This training is a component of their overall education. Because of this, paediatric dentists are better equipped to provide care for children and adolescents than regular dentists are, who may have difficulty working with patients of this age group.

Because of this skillset, paediatric dentists are in a good position to take a more holistic approach to the treatment of the child they are working on. This means that they are able to take into account factors such as the child’s genetics, individual personality and behavioural characteristics, as well as their home and school environments, in addition to the child’s physical and psychological development.

This plethora of information may not mean much to an unskilled individual, but to a qualified Paediatric Dentist, it can provide significant insights into the child’s dental health and inform how their treatment is managed.

Paediatric dentists are the dental professionals that instruct children on how to properly care for and clean their teeth.

What types of treatments do paediatric dentists provide?

Many different forms of dental and oral health care are provided by paediatric dentists, including:

  • Infant dental checkups are important. This will involve evaluating the mother and kid for caries risk.
  • Oral health maintenance and prevention. Recommendations for food and nutrition, along with fluoride treatments and cleaning, are also included.
  • Habit counselling
  • Straightening teeth and treating a bad bite early on is highly recommended.
  • Restoration of decayed or damaged teeth
  • Identifying oral manifestations of disorders include CHD, hay fever, ADHD, ADD, asthma, and diabetes.
  • Dental first aid for accidents.
  • Diseases of the gums and related medical issues are managed, including mucoceles, short frenulum, paediatric periodontal disease, and ulcers.


Children are always difficult to manage, especially when they are in pain. They experience mood swings, and their conduct deviates greatly from norms. In order to treat youngsters and relieve their discomfort at the same time, dentists must demonstrate exceptional patience and skill. A juvenile dental patient may benefit from certain behaviour control strategies.

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